How to Write a Novel’s Plot: Tips for an Outstanding Storyline

Learn How to Plot a Fantastic Story

As a writer, you don’t have to be a born plotter — the practice of making things up as you go along maybe more to your taste. To avoid becoming stuck in the middle of your work, sketch down an overall story structure. It’s important to have a clear vision of your storyline before you begin writing. You begin to see how the various pieces fit together.

Learn How to Plot a Fantastic Story
Learn How to Plot a Fantastic Story

Young writers should learn from a top-notch writer like C.J Daly that how they can create an engaging and creative storyline to attract readers’ attention. C.J. Daly, the 5-star writer and amazons’ bestseller as well as the author of “The Academy Saga” always penned her novel’s storyline and outlined the plot in a most creative and engaging way.

When C.J authored “The Academy Saga”, She ensured that readers will be fascinated by such a thrilling tale of love and passion. Beautifully detailed characters and a suspenseful plot had readers on the edge of their seats as the tale unfolded. CJ Daly is a master at creating exciting, passionate, and meaningful plots in her books, and she’s an inspiration to aspiring writers. If you want to be a successful writer but don’t have an idea how to create an outstanding plot, then you should learn from reading CJ’s novels.

Make Strong & Interesting Characters to Support the Plot

Plotting a novel requires consideration of what drives the characters in the story. It’s impossible to create important plot twists and minor subplots if your characters don’t have clear motivations.

For example, if you read C.J Daly’s novel “The Academy Saga”, you will see how she creatively and intricately crafted characters that are the hallmark of her novels. Emotions are depicted with forensic accuracy, to put it gently. The descriptions of characters in her novels are vivid and the writing is engaging. Character depth and authenticity are bolstered by the powerful emotional struggle that increases in intensity. As a whole, the storyline of “The Academy Saga” is well-crafted and very enjoyable. As a young writer, you should look out how C.J refined the characters in her novels to have a better idea of you can create strong and interesting characters too.

When developing your novel’s plot, it’s critical to have a clear understanding of the overall goal of each character you introduce. This will enable you to develop characters who have a defined function rather than characters that appear and disappear in and out of your story.

Story Events, Characters & Outlines Should be Plotted with Equal Attention

It is essential to provide equal attention to every story twist, character, and setting. Character creation is fun, but describing a character’s background may be a headache. Fast-paced action sequences may be our favorite to write, but we hate writing dialogue.

There are a number of different aspects of novel-writing that may be learned through mastering the art of plotting. As you plot your novel, be sure that every single piece is interesting.

Just like in C.J Daly’s novel “The Academy Saga”, She precisely wrote everything in her novel with equal care. The novel elevates CJ Daly’s writing to new heights, with characters that will definitely live in the memories of readers long after the last page is turned. The writing is precise, with vivid descriptions revealing the slightest of feelings and capturing the intensity of the story’s events. The storyline is always interesting in her novels that can leave readers wondering what might happen next.


It’s important to keep in mind that a plot outline is more of a dynamic blueprint than a rigid structure into which all of your novel’s elements must fit.

As you write, go back and improvise your outline based on what you’re thinking. Write down the changes you need to make and why you need to make them in your outline so that you can preserve the structure of your storyline in your head and avoid having to go through the details repeatedly.




I wrote my first ever story back in junior school. It was about a man and a cat who lived on a planet called Sassville. It was pretty awful - even for a 10 year

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Jason David

Jason David

I wrote my first ever story back in junior school. It was about a man and a cat who lived on a planet called Sassville. It was pretty awful - even for a 10 year

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